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Remote Support

We now use Teamviewer to provide you with remote support. A quick connect application is included in Fiscal Finance v6.11 and greater. If you need remote support then either download and install the latest version of Fiscal Finance or download the quick connect application here.
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Scan Manager Now on Sale PDF Print E-mail

Our new product, Scan Manager, is now available for sale, and after an annoying delay, it is now super keen to become your friend in the office.

After much deliberation, we have decided to follow the Fiscal Software tradition of offering a low cost annually subscribed product instead of the much more expensive one off purchase. That way, all of your updates and improvements are automatically covered as part of your subscription, unlike the other model that can leave you well out of pocket.

As we have mentioned before, Scan manager has been in productive use within our own office for quite some time now, and new features will be added from time to time as well as other complimentary products to make it  suitable for your office. So you can now add San Manager  to your productivity tools.

There is more about the product on this web site, but at the present time you can -

  • Scan incoming documents
  • Mail out standard (and customized) letters
  • Add a background letterhead
  • Manage documents associated to a client
  • Copy and Paste and append between documents
  • Time stamp document for audit purposes
  • Search the PDF file and client data bases
  • OCR layers for text search
  • Sort, move, and export pages in files
  • Over type pages with text, graphics, or stamps
  • Watch folders for new pdf file creations
  • User management
  • much much more....

There is a lot more to the program, and more is being added including some addition productivity and practice marketing tools.

We have created some video tutorials for you to learn how to learn the program features. Click Here for Tutorials

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