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Build 6.12.10. Update. A customer was having issues with using all of the programs where it was asking them to have admin credentials just to use the programs. It seems a corrupted manifest file caused the issue. This is now fixed in this edition.

Build 6.12.9. Update. A customer was having issues with merging their data in the AAS17 module, where it had been merged once or twice before. We were able to replicate it, and rebuilt that whole section to fix the issue. We also have now added search capabilities to the client and assets/contracts list. You can now search for text or partial text across both the client file and the assets file. We have also added new tax rates, PAYG withholding rates, and medicare rates for the 2017 year in the income tax functions module.

Build 6.12.8. AAS17 Update. We were alerted to any issue, where the remaining payments field was not being populated on the screen and on the printed reports. This has now been fixed, and we have also added unexpired charges to the printed annual summary report. Also in testing for this fix, we also identified that the balance sheet information for fortnightly payment contracts was not accurate. The formula used did not take into account that in some years, there would one or more additional fortnightly payments. Whilst you may not have come across this issue before, as most of your clients are on monthly contracts, it has been fixed for consistency in summary reports where there may be a mix of payment periods.

Build 6.12.7. Installation Update. We have made a small adjustment to the installation file to ensure that the FFDESK program does not run elevated via the installation. This does not affect general use of the Fiscal Finance Package.

Build 6.12.7. Update Capital Gains. The asset name field in the calculation form became read only. This has now been fixed and a normal entry field can now be seen.

Build 6.12.6. Update AAS17. Individual Summary reports were not displaying the last decimal digit due to font changes in Windows. This has been fixed and all digits can now been seen.

Build 6.12.5  Update. AAS17. Amortization reports for clients with substituted accounting periods would miss a total line at the end of the report, and therefore report totals incorrectly for contracts made in the month of the substituted period's end month.This has now been corrected. Spin box fields seeking a year to be selected, only extended to the year 2020. This has now been set to 2099. Fiscal Finance Desktop Menu. This has been changed to improve the performance of loading the various modules.

Build 6.12.4  Update. When printing PDF reports a demo icon appeared in the top corners. This has now been removed.

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Send SMS message from your desktop, individually, in bulk, or scheduled. Simple to use. (Requires a subscription to a SMS provider like Traitel - refer to product information for more details). Included in the Fiscal Finance Pro subscription, or can be purchased separately. 

This is not a normal installation file. Only download if invited to do so.

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